What We Do

Our Consulting Services Include:

We provide assistance and support to vessel owners before, during and following Coast Guard inspections.  We provide pre-inspection and ISM auditing services for companies to assist them in preparation on upcoming Coast Guard inspections.  We have a staff of personnel that conduct internal ISM audits, accident investigations, self assessments, and surveys to assist companies in meeting their annual auditing requirements or in determining the cause of any incident or accident.  Additionally we provide the following services:

MSP Reflag Support

We provide a host of services for companies that are considering, or are reflagging a foreign vessel(s) to the United States Flag. Our service include:

  • Evaluating vessel for selection as a MSP reflag candidate
  • Developing GAP documents to meet USCG regulatory/policy requirements
  • Completing environmental audits to ensure compliance with TSCA and the required MARAD statement of compliance.
  • Completing Safe Manning study to meet International, U.S requirements and company obligations under the ISM Code regarding proposed manning levels. For more information click on the Safe Manning button below.
  • Development of Periodic Safety Test Procedures to ensure vessels can operate UMS immediately following the reflagging and after issuance of the USCG Certificate of Inspection.

Small Passenger Vessel Support

With extensive experience in the field of Small Passenger Vessels we can assist your company in a wide range of areas:

  • We provide all of the services to assist you in determining if your existing vessel can be brought into small passenger vessel service. This includes developing required technical drawings to meet regulatory requirements.
  • We assist owners in completing simplified stability tests on small passenger vessels to meet small passenger vessel rules.
  • We complete deadweight surveys, and work with our Naval Architect to conduct formal inclining stability analysis on inspected vessels.
  • We assist owners in developing plans for proposed modifications to meet CG requirements including assisting vessel owners with complex plans required when re-power their vessel.
  • For California vessel owners with assist with submittals to CARB for grant money when they are considering replacing older propulsion or auxiliary marine engines with newer more environmentally friendly machinery.

Ship Recycling & Hazardous Material List Development

We perform shipboard environmental audits of vessels to determine if the vessel contain PCB’s for scrapping or when reflagging vessels in or out of the U.S Flag. This audit are completed to support the required MARAD self certifying statement from the company that the proposed vessel is free from containing PCBs above regulated levels.

Training Support

Fire & Safety Plan and Marine Salvors Fire Fighting Plans

We assist companies in the development or updating existing Fire and Safety Plans and also develop the Salvors Marine Pre-Fire Plan (SMFF) per NFPA 1405.