Maritime Technical Services offers a wide range of maritime consulting services specializing in Coast Guard and EPA regulatory issues.

Our company has over 40 years of experience in U.S. Coast Guard regulations and compliance issues.  We can help you and your company in a wide range of areas that include: Environmental, Safety, Quality Management, Risk Assessment, Training, Vessel Security and Counter-Piracy planning as well as a host of other areas.

Our client list includes: APL Maritime Ltd, Matson, Patriot Marine Services, Patriot Contract Services, Golden Gate Ferry District, Port of Long Beach, Delta Steamship Company, Schuyler Line Navigation Company, LLC to name a few.

Our consulting services include:

  1. USCG Regulatory Issues
  2. MSP & ACP Issues
  3. Ship Recycling, Industrial Hazard Material List Development, & PCB Environmental Issues under TSCA
    1. Shipping and the EPA Toxic Substances Control Act 1979
    2. Ship Recycling & Hong Kong Convention compliance
  4. Project management
  5. Auditing: ISM, VGP, Security etc.
  6. Vessel Security
    1. VSP development
    2. Anti-Piracy Annex development
  7. Fire Safety Plan development
    1. Salvor Marine Fire Fighting Plans
    2. Drafting
    3. Printing & laminating
  8. Station Bill development & printing
  9. Vessel General Permits (VGP)
    1. Training
    2. Procedures
  10. Small Passenger Vessels
    1. Assistance with obtaining a Certificate of Inspection
    2. Development of required drawings for compliance with CG rules
    3. Project Management
  11. Training and training development