IMO Resolution A.654(16) Sept 2002 Version ~ This is a revision document

IMO Resolution A.654(16) 1989 Version ~ Graphical symbols for Fire Control Plans

IMO Resolution A.756(18) 4 November 1993 ~ Guideline on the information to be provided with Fire Control Plans

IMO Resolution A.760(18) 4 November 1993 ~ Symbols related to life-saving appliances and arrangements

IMO Resolution A.0952(23) 25 February 2004 ~ Graphical symbols for shipboard Fire Control Plans.  Adopted ISO Standards (ISO 17631:2002) as the standard to be used.  Existing vessels OK to use existing symbols.

MSC Circ.1050

Federal Regulations:

46 CFR Part 35.10-3 Display of Plans ~ Subchapter D Vessels

46 CFR Part 97.36-1 Display of Plans ~ Subchapter I Vessels

46 CFR Part 78.45 ~ Subchapter H Vessels