Salvors Marine Firefighting Plan

The “Nontank Vessel Response Plans and Other Response Plan Requirements” (NTVRP) final rule was published in the Federal Register on September 30, 2013, and requires owners or operators of nontank vessels 400 gross tons to prepare and submit oil spill response plans for vessels operating on the navigable waters of the United States by January 30, 2014.

One of the more common NTVRP deficiencies preventing final approval is that the vessel does not have a Pre-Fire Plan.  If you are one of the many owners or operators needing a pre-fire plan to fulfill this specialized requirement, we can help!

Maritime Technical Services has created numerous vessel pre-fire plans per NFPA  1405 as required by 33 CFR 155.4035(b) for a wide range of vessels.  We have  the skills and capability to help you in developing your vessel’s Salvor Firefighting Pre-Fire Plan.

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