Maritime Technical Services offers training for Coast Guard Marine Inspectors.

The Maritime Technical Services learning process focuses on three key roles an individual must master to become an effective and respected.  
First, we ensure that our students have a good grasp of the intent behind specific regulations and standards to ensure the right amount of compliance in each instance.  Second, our students receive specialized knowledge and training in the area covered so the individual can be immediately productive when they return to their units.  Third and critically important, we emphasis how to build trust and understanding with the marine industry so the regulated and regulator go away feeling good about the interaction.  Our method ensures students learn both the hard and soft  skills from the industry’s most knowledgeable instructors, using a proven, hands-on course curriculum that ensures interactive learning and can maximize your proficiency in the minimum amount of time.

By learning from MTS instructors, you get the ideal blend of classroom lectures, lab demonstrations,  and post-classroom tools. The result: increased safety for the maritime community, and maximum productivity both for your inspections department.

Learn from our Instructors
With MTS you’ll always be taught by experienced instructors who are up to speed on the latest inspections regulations and industry trends.

MTS Classes
Featuring classes that range in length from three to five days, MTS  has an extensive selection of courses that are constantly being updated and expanded. Whether you have a shop of new marine inspectors,  or a blend of more experienced senior marine inspectors, MTS has a course that can help improve your inspections department’s readiness and productivity. Here are just some of the classes we offer:

More Information

To learn more about the courses offered by Maritime Technical Services or to enroll in an upcoming MTS course contact us at 510-499-2995