FRP & Wooden Boat Inspection Course for Marine Inspectors

In June we will be entering the forth-year of a five-year contract to provide training on the inspection of Fiber Reinforced Plastic and Wooden Boats to United States Coast Guard.  The first class has was held on December 5, 2011 and as of March 2014 we have held 10 classes throughout the nation.  Marine Inspectors interested in obtaining a quota to this “C” school should contact their unit-training officer or TQC.

We look forward to continuing to provide this very unique and desirable training to the Coast Guard and remain committed to providing the highest quality training available.

Upcoming class convening Dates for this course are:

Class 11: 28 Apr 2014: Richmond, CA (Full)

FY 2015
Class 12: 8 Sept 2014 (Tentative)
Class 13: 2 Feb 2015 (Tenative)
Class 14: 2 Mar 2015 (Tenative)
Class 15: 30 Apr 2015 (Tenative)
Class 16: 4 May 2015 (Tenative)
Class 17: 14 Sep 2015 (Tenative)