Ship Fire & Safety Plans

Maritime Technical Services is staffed to assist you in creating new or amending your existing  shipboard Fire Control and Safety Plans to bring you company and ship’s into compliance with current International Maritime Organization (IMO) standards.  We use the latest IMO symbols and AutoCad programs to create Fire & Safety plans that meet IMO and USCG regulatory standards and are easy to read.

Here are some of the vessels we have completed Fire and Safety Plans on:

APL Coral                             APL Pearl
APL Cyprine                        APL Agate
NOL Tourmaline                 APL Balboa
APL Korea                           APL China

APL Japan                           APL Philippines
APL Thailand                      APL Singapore
M/V Ranger                        APL Belgium
Red Oak Victory                 MAHIMAHI
Moku Pahu

IMO regulations II-2/20 and III/9 of SOLAS and IMO resolutions A.654(16) and A.760(18) are the regulatory guidance documents for all ships regarding Fire Control & Safety Plans and the mandatory use of uniform symbols.

ISO in cooperation with the International Maritime Organization has developed ISO standard 17631:2002 “Ships and marine technology – Shipboard plans for fire protection, life-saving appliances and means of escape.

The ISO fire protection symbols generally conform to the corresponding symbols set out in resolution A.654(16) and are applicable for ships built after January 1 2004 (IMO Resolution A.952 (23) – 25-02-2004 Graphical Symbols for Fire Control/Safety Plans).

Ships built before January 1 2004, are required to update their plans in accordance with IMO resolutions A.654(16) and A.760(18)

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Our Services:

Drafting & Technical

  • Maritime Technical Services has extensive experience and knowledge of shipboard Fire Control & Safety Plans and uses AutoCAD software to upgrade your existing USCG (Flag State) and SOLAS required Fire and Safety Plans.
  • To save your company money we can updates your existing Fire control & Safety Plan or General Arrangement and create an updated color version of the Fire Control and Safety plan for the regulatory bodies and classification socieites.
  • When complete,  a working copy of the Fire & Safety Plan is provided to the ship/client, for an on-board verification and then final copies are delivered to the client for use on the ship.

Safety Signs and Markings

Maritime Technical Services is an authorized distributor of jalite Safety Signs and Markings.  With over 30 years experience, Marine Equipment Directive and Lloyds Type Approval, Jalite is a proven manufacture of high quality photoluminescent safety products, and we are proud to offer them to our clients

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