Example of Bridge Fire Control Plan

Maritime Technical Services has extensive experience and knowledge of shipboard Fire Control & Safety Plans and uses AutoCAD software to upgrade existing Fire Control and Safety Plans to meet regulatory requirements.

We develop our plans so they meet IMO regulations II-2/20 and III/9 of SOLAS and IMO resolutions A.654(16) and A.760(18) for all ships and for U.S. Flag State vessels we use ISO standard 17631:2002 “Ships and marine technology – Shipboard plans for fire protection, life-saving appliances and means of escape.

Not sure if everything is on your current plan? We also conduct ship checks to ensure all of the required equipment is properly illustrated on your new Fire Control & Safety Plan.

Upon completion, a draft copy is provided to the ship’s crew or client for verification and then final copies are delivered to the client or Class for approval purposes.