Maritime Technical Services offers a wide range of maritime consulting services specializing in United States Regulatory issues that can assist ship owners in improving the safety and efficiency of your marine operations. We have over 40 years of experience in U.S. Coast Guard regulations and compliance issues and can help your company in a wide variety of areas.


Our History


Maritime Technical Services was started in 2008 to provide technical training to the United States Coast Guard personnel; however, in 2009 after saving one of our clients over 12 million in capital expenditures we decided to expand our services.


Today, Maritime Technical Services provides a wide range of technical and engineering services to our customers. In addition we have also been under contract since 2012 to provide advanced training to Coast Guard Marine inspectors inspections personnel.


We have advanced training on the following topics:


  • Inspection of Wooden Small Passenger Vessels
  • Inspection of FRP Small Passenger Vessels
  • Plan review and New Construction Oversight
  • Automation and Machinery Space Manning
  • Basic Electrical System Design and Inspection


In 2017 we started providing advanced FRP training to the American Bureau of Shipping as part of their surveyors continuing education programs.