Interactive classroom course covering the advanced principles of Automation including the Principles of Safe Manning, STCW and the ISM Code

Our course will help you develop an understanding on how various governing regulations, policy and international standards interact to ensure the safe navigation of seagoing vessels through safe and efficient marine engineering operations.  Scheduled over five (8-hour) days, this course will instruct students how to better understand Coast Guard and international requirements for machinery space operations including reduced watch-keeping conditions (minimum attended machinery operations (MAMS) and periodically unattended machinery space operations (PUMS) as well as reductions in vessel manning levels.

Target Audience

Experienced Marine Inspectors, Class Surveyors, Licensed Engineers, or shore side operations staff seeking a better understanding of CG and International regulations regarding machinery space automation and manning


  • USCG Marine Inspectors seeking a Machinery (MI) or Machinery Steam (MS) qualifications, or
  • Class Surveyor with equivalent level of machinery space experience.
  • Industry personnel with a desire to better understand the regulatory complexity of automation requirements to better prepare for surveys and inspections.

Topics Covered

  • 46 CFR Parts 61 and 62
  • IMO Principles of Safe Manning
  • USCG Marine Safety Manual Vol III, Part B (including Chapter 6 – Automated Vessels)
  • ISM Code and Company Responsibilities
  • STCW
  • Traditional inspected vessels and vessels inspected under the ACP and MSP Programs
  • Plant Reliability and Periodic Safety Test Procedures
  • ABS Rules incorporated by reference
  • Basic Instrumentation
  • Degrees of automation and the road to UMS approval from the USCG
  • Performance based class scenarios covering common issues discovered

Class Schedule

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