Announcing the first class convening of Maritime Technical Services “Automation & Engineering Manning Course” on September 18, 2017.

This class will offer a comprehensive look at automation used in commercial vessels.  The training cover the following topics:

  • The History of Automated Processes
  • How automation has transformed the maritime industry
  • How automated systems function,
  • Automation Rules and Standards (1988 Rule making, NVIC and Part 61 and 62)
  • DVTP, PTSP, FMEA and Plan Review of Automation Systems
  • How automation components should be tested
  • How automation is used to augment or replace watchstanding functions

Classroom includes visits to the following vessels:

  • A historic steam vessel with minimum automation,
  • OSRV with mid 80′s Automation Technology and Thermal Fluid Heater
  • Modern Subchapter T Fast Ferry with fly-by-wire technology
  • MARAD ACP Vessel with modern (2013) automation system
  • MSP vessels with SOLAS Based Automation systems (Using NVIC 1-13 Ch1)

This class is a one week (40-Hour) course that all Machinery Inspectors should attend to augment their professional development.

Students must be a fully Qualified Machinery Inspector to attend this course.

Call for details: 510-499-2995